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Reduce operation costs

Reduce operational expenses

Reduce wasted time by not analyzing more dirty spreadsheets and data to forecast revenue and losses.

Improve service

With our continually-updated software, your company will always be ready to service your customers at all times.
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Maximise efficiency

Table management and open orders are essential aspects of the company.

Track inventory with unrivaled accuracy.

The POS system simplifies the stock taking process, allowing you to properly count your business inventory and make more accurate projections.

  • Each item sold deducts from Master Inventory levels automatically.

  • Identifying undesired goods in storage will help you save expenditures.

  • With a single device, you can monitor inventory levels across several stores.

  • Reorder products automatically to ensure that your inventory is fully stocked.

  • Reduce waste by using easy and transparent stock control.

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Take advantage of maximum versatility with dynamic menu options.

  • You can always change your menu so that your workers can fast sell out of seasonal items.
  • With a single tap, you may add Happy Hour discounts or other promos.
  • When bottles run out, real-time inventory will inform servers.

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Boost efficiency and customer satisfaction

Streamline the service, improve communication, and reduce order management problems.

  • Track table time and manage floor layouts in real time to increase table turnover.
  • A complete kitchen display system ensures smooth restaurant management operations (KDS)

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Display System for your Kitchen (KDS)

With a kitchen display system that streamlines service and improves communication, you may eliminate confusion with real-time kitchen management systems and the complexity of ordering.

  • Improve speed and precision by synchronizing the front and rear of your restaurants.
  • Track order times precisely.
  • Real-time synchronization for order modifications or last-minute changes
  • Reduce errors and losses while increasing earnings and improving service.

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